Pinon Flats Camp - Tour
Paintball and Camp Release Form

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Entrance to Camp

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Coming From Cortez or the West (Going East) this is what your view will look Like!
Turn to the left just before the sign

Coming From Dolores or the East (Going West) this is what your view will look Like!
Turn to the Right just after the sign

After the turn this is what you will see-
Right in Front of you is a road go down it! 8-)
Next you will see-
Go forward on the road
Next you will see-
To your Right you will see a small pond
Keep going through the trees ahead
Next you will see-
After you go through the Trees you will see...
The parking Area!
You can park here or continue to the Camp Sites
As you continue to the Camp Sites
*To the left you will see the Camp Center*
Camp Center
At the Camp Center there is a place to get together and have fun!
Now we go to the Bathroom/Showers
Looking back toward Camp Center
Leaving the Bathroom
Camp Areas
Activity Areas
When You Enter Playing Areas You Must Wear your Goggles!
Fridges RevengeHummer CampoutMission Possible
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